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Commissioned artworks

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The highest quality custom rendering of the exact car of your dreams lets you immortalize and enjoy it wherever you like. You select the exact spec you desire, and see it come together in incredible detail.

How does it work?
I begin by defining your perfect specification, collecting any required research materials, and fully outline your desired outcome. I provide you an estimated completion date for the artwork, and if we’re close to starting, a payment request. I will contact you when work begins on your personalized rendering to confirm your options, request any additional imagery if it’s your own vehicle, and update you with a more accurate estimated completion date.

How long does it take?
Extreme detail takes many focused weeks of work to complete, and timeframe and cost will vary by the complexity of the illustration, print size, shipping destination, and any desired framing options. If the rendering is a gift I recommend you contact me early to secure a place in line.

Ok let’s do this!
I would be thrilled to work with you to render your dream car. To get started, contact me with the following information: